Monday, September 29, 2014

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Experience


Got my wisdom tooth extracted last last Saturday (along with its sister at the upper jawbone). And this is my story...

I finally can eat cupcake.. Wait, these are soaps! Pic from Pixabay.

- I eat veggies as much as I can. I mean regularly from D-7 so my body is in base condition (not acid like when you eat much meat products). This is a basic in food combining, though. In this condition, your sore will recover faster.
- I'm nervous because I hate being shot.
- Double nervous because there would be 4 persons who see inside of my mouth!

- My face looks like it's photoshopped being rectangular-shaped while it is actually heart-shaped. Swelling happens on my cheek, under chin, and near eye. Doctor said it will be gradually reduced after D+3 or so.
- No significant pain at all. I know it is because of the anesthetic, but really it's not as painful as I imagined.
- I got my extracted teeth as "souvenir" (-_-). I still keep it but will not post its photo because.. I simply don't want to.

After that:
- I extremely took care of my mouth hygiene by having a mouthwash more often (and now I think it is too much because it made my throat felt dry).
- Start eating crunchy food as soon as D+3. Use your extracted side (but slowly).
- D+7 the stitches are already worn off. I AM FREEEEEE!! Yes, I recover so fast, I think I have Wolverine's gene muahahahahahah.. No. I've explained it on Pre-extraction part.

Dos and Don'ts:
DO eat soft food and cold one (this is my favourite part).
DO apply a towel-covered ice or ice packs on your cheek. It feels so good.
DO consider to take liquid diet (smoothies, juice, etc).
DON'T open your jaw too wide.
DON'T consume hot or spicy food/drink.

That's it!

(This is my personal experience. Although everything above are suggested by my doctor, you should consult it to your personal doctor first to make sure you can do that too. I'm not responsible if bad things happens to you, of course!)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fabulous Five Anniversary


Alhamdulillaah, I've been married for 5 years and have became a Mum for 3 years. I should be more grateful. I remember past this month I've been so bitchy but Kayah never got angry (yes my husband is an alien!! He never got angry since we married, believe it or not.). And Wil, he's way more agile and smarter. Sometimes he gives me an unintentional-sudden kiss and that makes me so happy. How fortunate I am having such good persons in my life.


**Above is our photo in Zankyou no Terror theme because we've just finished watching it this morning.**

Thanks for everything. Thanks for being my chef,  driver, standup-comic, scientist, domestic helper, teacher, etc etc etc. I enjoy learn things with you, guys. Hope you are too.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Meme - Toof Toof


I got toothache. Not an ordinary toothache, it's called wisdom tooth (ciee, keren ga tuh? :P). My left-side third molar (M3) comes out slowly. Because of my jaw is very narrow, there's not enough space reserved for my M3 to come. It's painful because the tooth's root stabbing your nerve. The pain happens occasionally. I feel it one time, but the next day it gone. Yah, now I chew foods with my incisors and canines which not comfortable at all! Hiks~

It happens to most of people in our generation (9 out of 10) according to the internet, haha. But, seriously the doctor said that too. Wisdom tooth or third molar generally appears between ages of 17 and 25. It didn't happen thousand years ago, because our ancestors have wider jaw. From age to age, human's jaw became narrower.

On my dental scan, I saw that my right-side M3 will also come, so I think I should be prepared for the next painful session. YESSSS!!!! I am readeeeeh!!! After this, I definitely will go to dentist more often to check my dental healthiness. Really guys, treating your teeth is very important!

Will go to operation room this Saturday. Pray for the best! ^^

Monday, September 1, 2014

DD: Hobbit, Game of Thrones, and Frozen Mashed-Up


Semalam aku bermimpi menjadi Hobbit1. Saat itu aku ingat sedang berlari dari kejaran Smaug si Naga. Padahal mestinya seneng ya, dikejar Benedict Cumberbatch hihiihi. Setting tempatnya di suatu pedesaan yang mirip pedesaan di Eropa Selatan (Spanyol atau Italy?) dimana tanahnya menurun dan rumah-rumah dibangun berdempetan, dekat satu sama lain, sehingga tersisa jalan setapak kecil untuk orang-orang lewat2. Atau mungkin juga Mexico. Saat itu cuaca cerah (cenderung panas).

Saat itu aku sendirian. Lari kesana kemari. Capek. Tapi akhirnya ada Daenerys (Khaleesi)3 menyelamatkanku dengan cara menjinakkan Smaug. Anehnya, Daenerys lebih mirip Elsa Frozen4. Aku ga pernah melihat wajahnya, karena dia beraksi agak jauh dariku dan membelakangi. Saat dia beraksi, aku langsung kabur ke rumahku. Rumah Hobbit yang nyaman.

Di dalam rumah sudah ada Gandalf, geng dwarves, para elf, dan para cast GoT5. Mereka seperti sudah cemas menanti kedatanganku. Aku juga melihat Suci, teman kuliahku, dia membawa anak perempuannya6. Aku bermain sebentar dengan anaknya itu. Lucu sekali~

Gandalf mendekatiku, dia tidak pakai topi penyihirnya, jadi lebih mirip Magneto7. "Bagaimana? Laptopku bisa dijual berapa8?" tanyanya. Aku tidak menjawab. Cast lain memandangku. Menunggu jawaban.

Dan aku terbangun.

1 Oh, mungkin karena aku nonton Hobbit sebelum tidur.
2 Ya, di film Hobbit juga ada kan tempat yang sempit seperti itu (Lake-town).
3 Aku ini ga pernah nonton The Game of Thrones, aku cuma tau tokoh itu dari 9Gag.
4 Nah ini dia. Jadi sebenarnya itu memang Elsa, tapi "kesadaran" mimpiku meyakini itu Daenerys.
5 Entahlah, sebenarnya aku ga tau, kan, karena ga pernah nonton. Tapi "kesadaran" mimpi selalu berbeda.
6 Oh, ini mungkin karena aku melihat postingan foto craft Suci di Facebook. Dia mau membuat topi rajut untuk anaknya. Anaknya belum lahir, kok aku "melihatnya" sebagai anak perempuan ya?
7 Yaealah, secara pemerannya sama.
8 Yang ini mungkin karena aku berencana menjual laptop.

Image credits
"Italy" from Pixabay:
"Elsa as Daenerys" from Deviantart: