Monday, December 8, 2014

Sing Sam Kan


I never thought I'd fall in love to Thai song (I mean after ATM the Series's soundtrack). Buuuut this song is beautiful. Sing Sam Kan (means The Important Thing) by Endorphine, a Thai band (I guess?). I can listen to it again and again. Specially Lee-za's version (on SoundCloud, please follow this link). Basically, Lee-za's sound is awesomesauce and listening to her SoundCloud stream is one of my daily routine for now haha.. (Hello Liz, just in case you read this, I come from your blog, Pretty-Ugly).

Please listen to it as the meaning is good to (lyrics? Follow this link).

My heart feels warm now... (^-^)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I Suddenly Think About It


I don't know where to start but I should say my college life is end well (oh, it's not end yet, by the way).

In my early semester on campus, I found it's hard to have friends. I kinda a picky girl. I befriended anyone who I thought had a similar hobbies a nd point of view towards anything with me. But soon, I found that everyone in my class was wonderful! We get in touch until now, even though they are mostly already graduated and get back to their own hometowns to work.

I married my hubby on the 3rd semester of my college life. Being married didn't stop me to socialite with my friends like others did. Husband is a helpful person. He never limit my interaction with my friends because he trust me. Since he is also on the same class with me, then my friend is also his friend. Vice versa.

A year later, I was pregnant. Having a baby while studying was the most interesting experience ever. Don't have to deny that morning sick are trouble for my early class, but I really enjoy it.

The most important thing is that I have a supporting family. After my child was born, Mom helped me babysitting him when I'm away go to campus. I felt relieved because knew that my child was on the hand of a trusted person.

In each phase on my college (and marriage) life, there's always challenge (of course, everyone has too). Like the simplest one (since we are young, we sometimes argue about unimportant thing such as what to eat etc.) to the hardest one (like when I have to pump breastmilk supply for my child). This is my opportunity to learn about life comprehensively. Seeing the past, I believe I can tackle any challenge in my present and future life too. When I see everything happened to me, I think "How can I get trough it?" "How can I be strong?" If the same thing happens once again in the present, I don't think I can be as strong as I used to.

Now I'm on my thesis process. Every time I walked pass my faculty building, I smell graduation haha.. Silly. I hope I can graduate soon. And by that time, I will be a teacher since I already have one student who've booked his seat on my classroom of life. My child.

That's it. I want to hear my friends's story too. What about you, Toni, Mely, Pradita?

'This post is my entry for 'My College Diary' contest held by travel blog My Yatra Diary in collaboration with' 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

OK Go - I Won't Let You Down

Some post ago, I mentioned that our current favourite video is A Little Nightmare in Music by Igudesman & Joo. Well, that's true. But we also have one other good video that we enjoy so much. Another great video from OK Go. This time they were supported (or sponsored) by Honda and that one-wheeled thing is called Uni-Cub. We are a fan of this alternative band. (Please, open it on Youtube instead of here. Hehe..)

Friday, November 28, 2014

I don't want to be a teacher


Sama sekali tidak pernah terbayangkan kalau aku jadi guru. Bukannya tidak mau atau tidak suka mengajar ya, but I thought I have no qualifications to be a teacher. Walaupun pada akhirnya enroll di sebuah universitas bergengsi yang bisa mencetak guru-guru keren, aku tetap  tidak berminat menjadi guru. Malah semakin belajar ilmu pedagogis, semakin terbukalah mataku bahwa sesungguhnya aku ini ga berbakat jadi guru. I mean, I have all of bad traits far from being a good teacher: lazy, stubborn, etc etc. I couldn't imagine how would kids' future, if I were their teacher. Aku ga mau berkontribusi mencetak pemuda-pemudi yang BLAST1).

I once told my friend, "Aku ga mau jadi guru." Dia menjawab, "Ya, ga usah. Kamu jadi ibu rumah tangga yang baik aja." Kukira dia benar. But then I realised. Sepertinya pendapatnya kurang tepat. Long short story, I came to a conclusion that:

I maybe a craftpreneur, I maybe (insert profession here), but deep inside, I'm a mum: The first knowledge source for my children. Yep, my future is clear now. I was destined to be a teacher. Not because I want to, but because I already have a pupil.

Sekarang aku cukup mengerti. Kalau aku tidak menjadi guru, aku bukannya tidak berkontribusi "memproduksi" pemuda-pemudi yang BLAST, tetapi aku malah menghilangkan potensiku  untuk menghasilkan pemuda-pemudi yang BEST2). I want to contribute to help Indonesia too (awwww isn't that sweet??)!

That's why I have an urge to learn things about education! I want to give the best learning atmosphere (at least at home) to my children.

With Wil, so far, learning at home went great. He slightly meets standard skill for his age. Have some things to fix, actually. But we still can manage it, so it's OK.

** Bismillah! **

1) BLAST = Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stress, and Tired
2) BEST = Behave, Emphatic, Smart, and Tough
3) I knew these terms from Semai2045