Friday, November 28, 2014

I don't want to be a teacher


Sama sekali tidak pernah terbayangkan kalau aku jadi guru. Bukannya tidak mau atau tidak suka mengajar ya, but I thought I have no qualifications to be a teacher. Walaupun pada akhirnya enroll di sebuah universitas bergengsi yang bisa mencetak guru-guru keren, aku tetap  tidak berminat menjadi guru. Malah semakin belajar ilmu pedagogis, semakin terbukalah mataku bahwa sesungguhnya aku ini ga berbakat jadi guru. I mean, I have all of bad traits far from being a good teacher: lazy, stubborn, etc etc. I couldn't imagine how would kids' future, if I were their teacher. Aku ga mau berkontribusi mencetak pemuda-pemudi yang BLAST1).

I once told my friend, "Aku ga mau jadi guru." Dia menjawab, "Ya, ga usah. Kamu jadi ibu rumah tangga yang baik aja." Kukira dia benar. But then I realised. Sepertinya pendapatnya kurang tepat. Long short story, I came to a conclusion that:

I maybe a craftpreneur, I maybe (insert profession here), but deep inside, I'm a mum: The first knowledge source for my children. Yep, my future is clear now. I was destined to be a teacher. Not because I want to, but because I already have a pupil.

Sekarang aku cukup mengerti. Kalau aku tidak menjadi guru, aku bukannya tidak berkontribusi "memproduksi" pemuda-pemudi yang BLAST, tetapi aku malah menghilangkan potensiku  untuk menghasilkan pemuda-pemudi yang BEST2). I want to contribute to help Indonesia too (awwww isn't that sweet??)!

That's why I have an urge to learn things about education! I want to give the best learning atmosphere (at least at home) to my children.

With Wil, so far, learning at home went great. He slightly meets standard skill for his age. Have some things to fix, actually. But we still can manage it, so it's OK.

** Bismillah! **

1) BLAST = Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stress, and Tired
2) BEST = Behave, Emphatic, Smart, and Tough
3) I knew these terms from Semai2045

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sakura Tsumami Zaiku Kanzashi for Hijab - It's Done


Alhamdulillaah, this piece is done and sent!
Terimakasih buat bu R di Bogor yang sudah custom order dan bersedia bersabar super sabar karena bikinnya cukup lama~ semoga suka!

Irumi March and Tonei Craft  can be found here:

See you!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fish (Koinobori) Pouch (Drawstring Bag)


Made these pouches (or drawstring bag, if you like) last week. Handsew pouches. It's kinda addicted that I made 3 of it in just 5 days. Sometimes I surprised myself since I never tought I can sew anything. After years of tsumami zaiku, what I believe is that I am a glue master. Not any good on sewing. Hahahah.. *lebay*

Here are some detail:
- Red fish using premium quality cotton with traditional Japanese motif (seigaiha-ish, I'm not sure).
- Purple fish is made from chirimen fabric with yabane motif and pink habutae lining.
- Pink fish is made from pink standard quality cotton which is better to be lining instead, in my opinion.
Each pouch has lining, and this part makes me happy. To find out how to sew lining and make my husband wondering around how I did it are very delightful. Hahahah, sorry Kayah!

By the way, these cute fishes remind me a lot about koinobori. Anyone knows koinobori? Koinobori (鯉のぼり) is carp shaped flag that is used for children's day celebration in Japan (Kodomo no Hi / 子供の日) in May. Here, I get picture of it from Wikipedia. You can read the rest of it on Wiki, please.

I plan to make more with real koinobori colour coordination while learning how to use sewing machine. Small thing like this is a good starting point for newbie, I guess. It's important because I think sewing is a basic main skill for a housewife.

Can you sew? What do you want to make in the future?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Let's Play (Silent) Piano


Our current favourite videos are....
A Little Nightmare in Music by Igudesman & Joo. It is actually an old video, like, 8 years ago. But we just find it out and we like it! Since then, Wil likes to mimic every scene of it specially the "Don't move!" part haha..

As you can see most of the pictures are blurry because Wil moves his hands very fast (because that Joo guy in the video did it too! Haha...). By the way, you can get the piano template here: Colour in My Piano. Print it on A4 paper, cut it, and tape it to the table. Wil loves it, and I guess your kid will love it too ^_^

Wil once played our piano randomly, maybe when he's around 8 months old. It's OK if he wants to play musical instrument in the future as long as he's happy. I wonder what instrument will he choose.

Do you plan to let your kids to learn musical instruments? If you do, what instrument will it be?